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Why don't i feel sick?

Kidney function usually goes down slowly, due to this you woun’t remember how you felt before the kidney damage.

Is there anything i can do to improve my kidneys function?

Chronic kidney disease is different from damage that happens to the kidneys quickly. Sudden damage to the kidneys sometimes improves just as quickly as it happens. Chronic kidney disease usually doesn’t improve.

I don't have pain, how can i have kidney disease

The disease that most commonly cause permanent damage to the kidney are diabetes and high blood pressure. These diseases don’t cause pain.

Are both of my kidneys damaged?

If you have one normal kidney, you do not have kidney disease. Diseases such as diabetes , high blood pressure, lupus, polycystic kidney disease, glomerulonephritis and scleroderma damage both kidneys.

I produce a good amount of urine, how can i have kidney disease ?

Most people who have kidney disease, including those who are about to start dialysis, can make a normal amount of urine. Because of damage, the kidneys are not able to filter enough of the toxins from the blood into the urine. That means even if there is a good amount of urine, its poor quality.

why should i care about my kidney disease if it can't be cured?

There are two important reasons to care about your kidney disease. First, there are things that can be done to slow down damage to the kidneys. Second, there are ways to stay healthy even though your kidneys are not working well.

*FAQ information is compiled from Its critical to be advised by your doctor and be
thoroughly checked for any signs of kidney disease.